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Hi there. We're Alexis
and Jennie, dear friends
and founding partners of
Blue Marble Ice Cream.

In 2007, from our home borough of Brooklyn, NY, we embarked on a simple mission: to offer a product that made tastebuds happy and hearts feel good. We began with super-premium, certified organic dairy and the best ingredients we could find to create a ridiculously delicious scoop. Next, we built a company that cared for the world around it through its sourcing, business practices and community involvements. Finally, we’ve worked hard to grow in responsible, sustainable ways and to offer our wholesome, super premium organic ice cream to as wide and diverse an audience as possible. Over the years, this mission has driven and defined us, as a business and as people.

We're deeply grateful for the customers, friends and family who have made this journey so fun, interesting and worthwhile. Thank you all!

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