Blue Marble Ice Cream

New! Ship Our Ice Cream!

Blue Marble's team is our pride and joy and the source of our success.

These individuals are a spirited, creative bunch with an off-the-charts work ethic, and we are profoundly grateful to have them with us. From the retail frontlines to the trenches of production, distribution and administration, our staff works tirelessly to ensure the seamless integrity of Blue Marble’s product and service.

  • Jennie Dundas, CEO
  • Alexis Gallivan, Co-Founder / Exec. Director, Blue Marble Dreams
  • Janaye Pohl, Wholesale Coordinator
  • Lora Romano, Wholesale Account Manager
  • Sasha Kameneva, Bookkeeper
  • Sarah Green, Events & Outdoor Markets Director
  • Matt Lewis, Events & Outdoor Markets Logistics Coordinator
  • George Jones, Distribution Coordinator
  • Randy Decayette, Warehouse Manager 
  • Lee Rivera, Brooklyn Production Manager
  • Jermaine Penn, Brooklyn Production Assistant
  • Keyona Cruz, Retail Manager 
  • Christy Cedeno, Retail Store Leader 

Fuller introductions coming soon, please check back to learn more about our awesome staff.